Living Wills and Trusts: Everyone Needs One

Honest Tax Solutions Living Wills and Trusts

Living Wills and Trusts: Everyone Needs One

The need for Living Wills and Trusts are not the same for everyone. While we encourage everyone to have a simple Will, many people don’t need more than a holographic (hand written) will that outlines a few simple directions to their survivors.

However, when a person or a couple has children and/or assets such as real estate, significant personal property, life insurance, stocks, bonds, a business, pensions, the need for a formal Will and possibly a Trust becomes much greater.

The whole reason we attempt to build up property and wealth is to make life a little simpler, a little better, for those we leave behind when we pass. If we leave them a tangled mess of property, debts and expenses, then we have defeated the purpose of working so hard to create wealth.

Since most people only need a simple Will, Honest Tax Solutions frequently advises clients on how to create a simple will for themselves.

For those who need a formal Will and/or Trust, Honest Tax Solutions attorneys have the experience and expertise to draft custom will and custom trusts to fit each client’s needs and Honest Tax Solutions refers clients to the right attorney for these needs.

Honest Tax Solutions has the knowledge and skills to draft a Will specifically for them, as well as to help decide if a Trust or a Medical or Durable Power of Attorney is needed for their financial and life situation.

When you have anything of value and do not have a Will or Trust you leave yourself and loved ones vulnerable.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss how Honest Tax Solutions can protect you and your family moving forward in the journey of life.

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