06 Feb 2014

Honest Tax Solutions provides that ‘one stop shop’ ability, in that, we can execute any course of action which is needed to get protected, get into compliance and settle a tax debt. Honest Tax Solutions can stop any actions which are being carried out by the taxing authority. Understanding the intricacies of Tax Law is similar to understanding a foreign language. It is confusing, frustrating and at times overwhelming because you don’t really know what is happening around you.These feelings are normal when dealing with a tax liability, and knowing your rights as a tax payer is key in resolving the matter.

Regardless if our client is experiencing a Wage Garnishment, Bank Levy, Tax Lien, or facing an Asset Seizure; or if they are being Audited, part of Fraudulent Activity or are an Innocent Spouse, we can protect them and reverse such actions from proceeding and quickly move to resolving the overall issue, in the least intrusive way possible. We are here to educate our clients, provide Tax Relief and establish a strategy which prevents them to end up in same situation again.


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