Our Process


Every person and business has their own definition of success. We first listen to our client, and then collectively tailor a reasonable strategy which will provide them the results required to succeed.

Honest Tax Solutions is very selective in the cases we accept. Hence, we have adopted an intricate Five Step Process in making our decision:

  • First, when we are speaking to you as a potential client, our Tax Consultants evaluate your current situation and hear the story of how we got there.
  • Second, we discuss what actions have, or are being taken against you and what ability, if any, we have in paying any of this debt back. This will reflect where you fall within the Tax Code and what relief options are available to you.
  • Third, we discuss and manage expectations moving forward.
  • Fourth, after assessing the proposed course of action, your Tax Consultant will take your case file and meet with our CEO and the best Tax Attorney(s), Enrolled Agent and Compliance Officer on staff that are best suited for your needs and review the case.
  • Lastly, the tax team will determine if your case falls within the guidelines to receive tax relief and further representation. They will then outline the clear course of action which needs to be taken and any legal fees which are required to reach the expectations discussed.