Testimonial 2

Here is a customer testimonial from one of our clients:

Hi Honest Tax Solutions! This is Vanessa Rodriguez. Case #197248. I have a cleaning company in San Antonio and had not been good at keeping my receipts and other income statements since opening my small business. The IRS kept sending me failure to file notices and also told me that the returns I did file were inaccurate. They charged me more in penalties than what I originally owed, and thought I would have to close my business and file bankruptcy. After talking with Honest Tax Solutions, they calmed me down mentioned that closing my business was not necessary and told me that everything would be ok. HTS got me into compliance with what the IRS was wanting from me and was able to reduce my tax debt about 50% from what they said it was claimed to be. (HTS Attorney Name) set me up on an affordable payment plan now and my business is better than ever now that I have the stress off me that they were causing. My first payment is only $175.00 and due a month from now in January. Thank you so much for helping me with fixing my tax returns.

-Vanessa Rodriguez