Testimonial 1

Here is a customer testimonial from one of our clients:

My name is Chris Davies and would recommend anyone to work with Honest Tax Solutions. I had owed the state of California since I became unemployed in 2009 and I knew the amount that they said I now owed was mostly penalties and interest. I didn’t know what to do since I cannot pay them and they keep levying my bank account and garnishing my wife’s wages. The state even took money from my daughter’s bank account I set up for her when she went away to college last year. (HTS Enrolled Agent Name) Honest Tax Solutions stopped the state from garnishing my wife’s paycheck by her next pay day, which allowed us to have some money to buy our family Christmas presents over the holidays. Our case was just settled last week 2/1/14, and Honest Tax Solutions settled it for $12,000 less than what they claimed I owed. Thank you so much to the staff at Honest Tax Solutions, they kept my families best interest in mind and got the IRS off my back within days of becoming a client. Thanks again, and feel free to have ANY of your potential clients call me.

-Chris Davies